Do You Love the Word of God?


Most of the time, when I post to this blog, it is something that God has given me to write. But every now and then, I will run across something written by someone else that is so important, I think it should be shared on this blog site as well.

The following was written by my friend and former pastor, Mark Trotter. His insights into the Bible are some of the best you will ever read or hear. I share this because I feel he is expressing exactly how I also feel about the Word of God.

Do you LOVE the Word of God?

Psalm 119:165 is one of those blockbuster verses that packs a major wallop! It’s such a familiar verse though, perhaps our familiarity with it has caused us to miss some of its richness and depth. This is what it says: “Great peace have they which love thy law, and nothing shall offend them.”

Notice, first of all, that the blessing of peace that God’s talking about in this verse isn’t just “peace,” or a “measure of peace,” or “natural peace.” No, the peace He’s talking about here is a “supernatural” peace—that’s why he He calls it “GREAT PEACE!” He’s talking about a Philippians 4:7 kind of peace… a peace that is so “GREAT,” it “passes ALL understanding!” In other words, a peace so “GREAT,” it defies COMPREHENSION… a peace so “GREAT,” it defies EXPLANATION… a peace so “GREAT,” it defies DESCRIPTION!

And check this out, it’s a peace that’s so “GREAT” — and a peace that is so real… so deep… so abiding… and so powerful and overwhelming — that it actually leaves us with an INABILITY to be OFFENDED! David says, “And NOTHING shall offend them!” Wow! Now that’s some peace, buddy! I mean, gimme some of that! In fact, give me a boatload of that!

But notice who it is that this verse says experiences this kind of peace. It’s reserved for only one kind of person! And notice—it’s not promised to those who KNOW the Word of God… it’s not promised to those who READ the Word of God… it’s not promised to those who STUDY it… MEMORIZE it… or even RESPECT it! This incredible promise is solely reserved for those who LOVE it! Do you LOVE it?

Oh, may we allow God to stir such a passion in our hearts for His Word, that we genuinely fall in LOVE with it!

Psalm 119 is a great place to start!

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